The Collective, Inc is a Bay Area Collaborative for holistic health and well being. Founded in 2014 by clinical psychologist, Sharon Rafferty, PhD, the mission of The Collective, Inc is to provide services, teachings and trainings to the public, and to the health and mental health professionals that serve them. Services and classes are oriented around the core tenet of a mind-body connection and are intended to foster empowerment, creative self expression, and optimal health and culturally relevant well being for individuals and the communities within which they live.

Our name, The Collective, Inc, is a reference to the collective unconscious, as described by psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung. It refers to the unconscious part of the mind (including it’s memory and impulses) that is shared by all humans and is expressed through archetypal constructs and images.

This site is under construction, and like The Collective, Inc, an evolution. Please check back for updates, and to learn more about our practitioners and current offerings. Or, join our mailing list for upcoming workshops and retreats: Mailing list


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