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Eco-Retreats at Wabi Sabi, Jamaica

I’ve just returned from a week in Jamaica, my first trip back in over a decade. I was there to visit my teacher/mentor/friend, Gaia Budhai, on her lush property in the mountains of St. Mary’s Parish. Gaia and I have been conspiring about collaboration since I stayed on her property during the summer of 2003, more than a year after I completed the 4 month yoga teacher training that she developed and led for 17 years in Miami Beach, Florida. Her beautiful Jamaican home is now an Eco-Retreat center called Wabi Sabi:

The term Wabi Sabi is a Japanese concept (way of life) that means: the beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete. Wabi Sabi takes you back to your groundation of life. Things that are Wabi Sabi are unpretentious, understated, and unassuming, yet not without presence or quiet authority. By living simply, as can be done in this Wabi Sabi Home, we begin to approach the Wabi Sabi attitude in our lives.

My experience last week was much like my experience there during that wonderful summer many years ago. Situated on 5 lush acres of Jamaican hillside, her home and the adjacent cottage are surrounded by trees and wildlife, and a poetically sweet stillness. Time slows down while there and I again found myself truly able to unplug, let go, be in nature, and step out of the hectic-ness that dominates both my outer and inner life. It is also an opportunity to engage more deeply in practices such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, visualization, creative writing, etc. And, consistent with prior stays there, I have returned home inspired and ready to cultivate opportunities for others to experience this magic for themselves.

Please stay tuned for upcoming retreats!